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Journal of General Virology

Current Issue: Sep 1 2014 12:00:00:000AM

Journal of General Virology (JGV) publishes high-calibre research papers with high production standards, giving the journal a worldwide reputation for excellence and attracting an eminent audience. The journal currently has an Impact Factor of 3.127 (2012).

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JGV, a dynamic journal at the forefront of virology today, attracts an international audience and publishes over 3000 pages of rigorously peer-reviewed, high-calibre research from around the world.

The diverse scope of the journal, which reflects the evolving nature of virology today, includes topics on all aspects of animal, plant, insect, bacterial and fungal viruses, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, molecular biology and immunology, virus–host interactions and antiviral compounds.

JGV is published monthly and is available in print or online. Our journals are published online with HighWire Press, in both full HTML and as downloadable PDFs. Features include journal cross-linking, eTOCS and supplementary data. The complete archive available back to 1967 is available online.

Journal subscriptions are available in two formats, either Online Only or Print and Online. SGM operates a tiered pricing structure. For more information please visit our subscriptions page.

The Journal's Editorial Board ensures high standards of peer review. Below, Professor Richard Elliott, former Editor-in-Chief of JGV, explains the benefits of submitting your paper to this journal.

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You can find out more about the journal, including how to prepare and submit a manuscript for publication, by visiting our HighWire-hosted site, and you can submit using our online submission system.

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Features of JGV include:

  • Papers in Press - advance online publication of manuscripts accepted for publication in JGV
  • Sophisticated search tools
  • Inter-article and cross-journal linking
  • Supplementary data facility
  • Links to Medline and GenBank
  • Citation tracking and alerts

Benefits to authors:

  • Expert and rigorous review process
  • Excellent editorial standards
  • Online submission and peer review
  • Publish ahead of print scheme
  • Automatic deposition of papers in PubMed Central*
  • No page charges
  • Free colour reproduction*
  • 25 free downloads of your published PDF
  • Self-archiving.
  • Paid immediate open access.

*Some conditions apply

JGV's impact

In this issue

  1. Epstein-Barr virus, the germinal centre and the development of Hodgkin's lymphoma


    Mohamed, G., Vrzalikova, K., Cader, F. Z., Vockerodt, M., Nagy, E., Flodr, P., Yap, L.-F., Diepstra, A., Kluin, P. M., Rosati, S., Murray, P.

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  2. Highly pathogenic avian influenza A H5N1 and pandemic H1N1 virus infections have different phenotypes in Toll-like receptor 3 knockout mice


    Leung, Y. H. C., Nicholls, J. M., Ho, C. K., Sia, S. F., Mok, C. K. P., Valkenburg, S. A., Cheung, P., Hui, K. P. Y., Chan, R. W. Y., Guan, Y., Akira, S., Peiris, J. S. M.

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  3. miRNA modulation of SOCS1 using an influenza A virus delivery system


    Izzard, L., Ye, S., Jenkins, K., Xia, Y., Tizard, M., Stambas, J.

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  4. Characterization of recombinant influenza A virus as a vector expressing respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein epitopes


    Zhang, P., Gu, H., Bian, C., Liu, N., Li, Z., Duan, Y., Zhang, S., Wang, X., Yang, P.

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  5. Evolutionary genetics of genotype H1 measles viruses in China from 1993 to 2012


    Xu, S., Zhang, Y., Rivailler, P., Wang, H., Ji, Y., Zhen, Z., Mao, N., Li, C., Bellini, W. J., Xu, W., Rota, P. A.

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  6. Hepatitis C virus infection mediates cholesteryl ester synthesis to facilitate infectious particle production


    Read, S. A., Tay, E., Shahidi, M., George, J., Douglas, M. W.

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  7. Role of sialic acids in feline enteric coronavirus infections


    Desmarets, L. M. B., Theuns, S., Roukaerts, I. D. M., Acar, D. D., Nauwynck, H. J.

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  8. RNA-binding region of Macrobrachium rosenbergii nodavirus capsid protein


    Goh, Z. H., Mohd, N. A. S., Tan, S. G., Bhassu, S., Tan, W. S.

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  9. Chickens host diverse picornaviruses originated from potential interspecies transmission with recombination


    Lau, S. K. P., Woo, P. C. Y., Yip, C. C. Y., Li, K. S. M., Fan, R. Y. Y., Bai, R., Huang, Y., Chan, K.-H., Yuen, K.-Y.

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  10. Genetic diversity of circulating Saffold viruses in Pakistan and Afghanistan


    Naeem, A., Hosomi, T., Nishimura, Y., Alam, M. M., Oka, T., Zaidi, S. S. Z., Shimizu, H.

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  11. Newly isolated mAbs broaden the neutralizing epitope in murine norovirus


    Kolawole, A. O., Xia, C., Li, M., Gamez, M., Yu, C., Rippinger, C. M., Yucha, R. E., Smith, T. J., Wobus, C. E.

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  12. Dating the origin of the genus Flavivirus in the light of Beringian biogeography


    Pettersson, J. H.- O., Fiz-Palacios, O.

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  13. A poorly neutralizing IgG2a/c response elicited by a DNA vaccine protects mice against Japanese encephalitis virus


    Chen, H.-W., Huang, H.-W., Hu, H.-M., Chung, H.-H., Wu, S.-H., Chong, P., Tao, M.-H., Pan, C.-H.

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  14. Structural proteins of West Nile virus are a major determinant of infectious particle production and fitness in astrocytes


    Hussmann, K. L., Vandergaast, R., Zheng, K., Hoover, L. I., Fredericksen, B. L.

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  15. Evidence for immune activation in patients with residual hepatitis C virus RNA long after successful treatment with IFN and ribavirin


    Radkowski, M., Opoka-Kegler, J., Cortes, K. C., Bukowska-Ośko, I., Perlejewski, K., Pawełczyk, A., Laskus, T.

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  16. Coxsackievirus B3 regulates T-cell infiltration into the heart by lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 activation via the cAMP/Rap1 axis


    Shim, S.-H., Kim, D.-S., Cho, W., Nam, J.-H.

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  17. Bluetongue virus without NS3/NS3a expression is not virulent and protects against virulent bluetongue virus challenge


    Feenstra, F., van Gennip, R. G. P., Maris-Veldhuis, M., Verheij, E., van Rijn, P. A.

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  18. Antibody detection in tear samples as a surrogate to monitor host immunity against papillomavirus infections in vaccinated and naturally infected hosts


    Hu, J., Brendle, S., Balogh, K., Bywaters, S., Christensen, N.

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  19. Vaccinia virus virulence factor N1 can be ubiquitylated on multiple lysine residues


    Maluquer de Motes, C., Schiffner, T., Sumner, R. P., Smith, G. L.

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  20. Structural elements in the Gag polyprotein of feline immunodeficiency virus involved in Gag self-association and assembly


    Abdusetir Cerfoglio, J. C., Gonzalez, S. A., Affranchino, J. L.

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  21. Prototype endogenous avian retroviruses of the genus Gallus


    Sacco, M. A., Nair, V. K.

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  22. Generation of an infectious Negev virus cDNA clone


    Gorchakov, R. V., Tesh, R. B., Weaver, S. C., Nasar, F.

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  23. Effects of modifying alternative respiration on nitric oxide-induced virus resistance and PR1 protein accumulation


    Li, Z., Liang, W.-S., Carr, J. P.

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  24. Identification of an RNA silencing suppressor encoded by a mastrevirus


    Wang, Y., Dang, M., Hou, H., Mei, Y., Qian, Y., Zhou, X.

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  25. Transfection of exogenous rotavirus rearranged RNA segments in cells infected with a WT rotavirus results in subsequent gene rearrangements


    Duponchel, S., Troupin, C., Vu, L. T., Schnuriger, A., Trugnan, G., Garbarg-Chenon, A.

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