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The Society for General Microbiology is a membership organisation for scientists who work in all areas of microbiology.

It is the largest learned microbiological society in Europe with a worldwide membership based in universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes and schools.


Join the Society for General Microbiology and become part of the largest microbiology community in Europe.



Latest News rss

  1. Society for General Microbiology announces new Editors-in-Chief

    1 July 2015

    Today, the Society for General Microbiology is announcing two new Editors-in-Chief (EiC) that are joining the Society’s growing stable of publications. Dr Tanya Parish will be the new EiC of Microbiology, while Professor Mark Harris will be the new Co-EiC of the Journal of General Virology.

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  2. Society for General Microbiology launches new publishing platform

    25 June 2015

    Today, the Society for General Microbiology launches its new publishing platform, which brings together all of the scholarly content published by the Society’s six peer-reviewed journals. The new platform has been carefully designed with all of our users in mind, from authors and editors through to readers and librarians.

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From the blog

  1. Invisible You: Art and Microbiology at the Eden Project

    29 June 2015

    Invisible You. The Human Microbiome is a new permanent exhibition at the Eden Project, exploring the trillions of microbes that live on and within us. The exhibit, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust, features amazing work from a dozen artists on themes surrounding the human microbiome. The new space includes intricate sculptures (made from porcelain, paper and even [continue reading …]


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